Well, learning strategies I have to really thank ya'll for the incredible course of photoreading again!!!! I bought the book about a year ago, and at first had a few problems with using the system( personal doubt). But, last semester I took college algebra and I used photoreading on that and amazingly I received a B. I think I posted that a while back, but the point is that I practiced photoreading over the summer on everything and I started to learn the lead guitar with it. I have to say that it really really works!!!!!!!!
Today I took my online computer course and made around a 92 using it. It was an open book test but I knew most of the information and if I didnt know it, I knew right where it was somehow. The same happened for my government test!! I found that photoreading helps my come up with new songs on the guitar based on what I have learned!!! This message is just an encouragement to photoreaders who are having problems!! One question, how do you know you have reached the mastery level. I think I am somewhere in there.

Thanks once again!