I have the first set of CD's.
I was really into Hopysync, about the first thing I got into, in terms on mind things, on the internet.

Must have been near two years ago now.

I use them now and then, but not for a while I must admit.

However when I was really into it, I definitely saw effects, it was really an experience.

The CD's as you progress get more powerful.
Seeing what the first set did, I'd love to get the other CD's in the series.

I egt an email now and then from Bill Harris or LSC endorsing Holysync, but it's a simple case of not being able to afford it.

As I remember, it came to hundreds of pounds to complete the full set when I started out, maybe even into a thousand pounds.

They're really good to listen to though, and definitely ahve an effect.
Only problem is I only got into CD set one of the journey, so can't advise you what the whole prgram will do for you.

When I the money I'll buy the deeper CD's, so I'd recommend you try them, and good luck with it.