I've just gone thru Direct Learning chapter in Natural Brilliance book and will pose questions along the way when describing the process ... to ensure I understand Direct Learning correctly.

Syntopically read - reading of several books on a particular topic. Preview,Prepare,PR but no manual activation or rapid reading. No problem.

Question - once you have Photoread all the books ... do you still follow the golden rule of incubation ... to allow the mind time to sort before commencing with Direct Learning?

Activate Direct Learning ...

"Behaviors you desire" is this saying the way you envision your outcome? Behavior is being compared to goals and setting "specific" goals for process to work. My goal setting could use some working on ... I'm interested in the process of "precisely setting my goal or behavior" How does one know of desired outcome precisely?

Instilling Behaviors ...

3 2 1 to enter state. OK

I'm at a beautiful place. Let's say work. OK

Imagine timeline. Past, present, future. OK

Float over timeline. OK

Float to future. OK

See 'behaviors' needed to accomplish results I desire. Behaviors, goals ... dang if I know what they are! I know the desired outcome, but the goals or behaviors to get me there ... Help!!!

Float down into body. OK

Feel the success. OK

Look back at path and imagine 'significant events' (goals) that led to achievment. Help!

"Realizations needed and solidify all learning that ensures success" ... Help!

Float to present. OK

Let go. OK

Direct state of awareness. OK

I seem to be struggling with the definitions of 'behavior' , 'goals' and 'realizations' ... I really want to experiment with this, any help would be appreciated!!!


Michael Saikali