All right Michael I will take a stab at this.

You wrote:
See 'behaviors' needed to accomplish results I desire. Behaviors, goals ... dang if I know what they are! I know the desired outcome, but the goals or behaviors to get me there ... Help!!!

A little preparation would be useful for this but I recommend not getting to caught up on it(don't get to conscious about this stuff when you are listening just let it flow). This should be like being a kid in the candy store. What do you want to attract into your life--anything that really excites you!! Financial independence, dream job where you feel actualized, trips you want to go on, feelings that you want to experience on a regular basis...I don't know its your fantasy.

You wrote:
Look back at path and imagine 'significant events' (goals) that led to achievment. Help!

I took this part to be more symbolic then literal. I see myself floating back on my timeline and stop at places. I don't really have a clear image of what those achievements are but I acknowledge that something is going on down there(exactly what I don't care). I figure this part is up to my subconscious mind and the stuff that I photoread. In fact, I don't like to interfere with this step to much so I just get a sense that there are learnings and achievements going on below me on the timeline.

You wrote:
"Realizations needed and solidify all learning that ensures success" ... Help!

For this part I just go back to my comfortable place (a lounge chair on the beach or something) and just get the sense that my mind is processing all that needs to be done.

For me the key is to get a sense of what it is that I want to attract in my life. I don't try to dictate how it will be achieved. Perhaps you should add a relaxation exercise to the start of your tape(the script can also be found in the book). The key is to be extremely relaxed and let everything flow without getting too hung up on the details. This should be an enjoyable experience.