Hello again lol

OK, you can use, this CD, in any way you like, with people you know, in real life, from films, TV, you can even use, the personality of some body you have read about, it does, not have to be with in 2 hours, it could be with in any amount of time, as long as you have a good impression of the person your emulating, it could even be, aspects, of your self, that you know are chiming, likeable, strong, personable, it could be friends, and even family, it really it set up in away, at would allow you to work, with any person that you can entertain, as being magnetic.

I canít answer your why questions, as the reason, for having A, and B sessions, would be something that you would have to ask, LSC, an answer, for me or anyone else, would just be a guess. So maybe the delightful Alex K, might be able to add something, in regards to that.