If you're thinking of developing a personality trait but cannot think of who to use. Use yourself because if you can think of it you know inside you how to live it.

The reason some Paraliminals have 2 sessions. Sometimes we need to use a two step approach to making a change. Step one my be confronting our fears or understanding the behaviour. Step 2 Building on the positive. Taking action.

If you have done the Natural Brilliance course you will realise it is Release and Notice,
Respond and Witness. It's an action loop. After Witness you will come back to releasing..

It doesn't matter if you start with session A or session B. Some people like to take action first and they already released and noticed what's going on in their lives. so session B is a good place to start.

You may or may not come back to do the other session. Because it's part of the Natural Brilliance loop you can be following through on your own.

Check out the Natural Brilliance for more information and learning to go beyond your personal stop signs.