Hello =)

planning on buying the Holosync - Awakening Prologue and i have heard that peaple get some freaky experience under the Holosync process, but my question is, if I buy the Holosync - Awakening Prologue, will i get that discomfort or will the discomfort come when i move on to Holosync - Awakening Prologue and do i have to move on to the second level, i ask this question beacuse i feel that i will be able to handle the discomfort better if i dont get it at the first level "Awakening Prologue" but instead at the second level "Awakening Level 1". and if it is a possibilty that discomfort can come on the first level, then what kind of discomfort can i expext, becuse i am moving to a diffrent country in 2 months to attend college and i dont want to be totaly jiddiry and angry all the time beacuse of the discomforti get from the Holosync - Awakening Prologue.

hope you understand my question, english isent my first language so that why my post can seem confusing sometimes. =)

take care/Heron