Bexrox: I =know= what you mean bout the book making you feel good! I have a good example of that: Last week I had to go to Tinker AFB to renew my ID card. There was much about the trip that in the past would have left me disgruntled, and maybe just a tad outraged at times. Few things went well. It's a long drive, made longer by lots of construction work and an accident that had traffic moving at a crawl. By the time we got to the AFB, they'd just (minutes before we arrived) shut down the office we needed for a 2 hour lunch (usually half an hour, so that was a blow). So we did other things on the base for 2 hours (grocery shopping, etc.), came back, and personnel had still not returned from their long lunch. The line grew, children grew cranky, other people waiting were irritated over the wait, and so on.

And I, with my little happy book, just enjoyed my reading, and was oblivious to all of that. Dear Hubby finally nudged me and said, "Hey, are you ok? Usually, you'd be griping and demanding we leave and come back another day!" I just grinned. On the way home, he told me to hurry up and finish the book--he wants to get in on this, too!

Just reading the book makes me want to grin. Doing some of the exercises she lists makes me feel even happier.

Alas, I'm nearly done with the book. At this point, I hate to finish it because I really enjoy reading this particular writer. Sometimes I do that with writers I like: towards the end, I drag my feet about reading the last few pages. It's like saying goodbye to a good friend.

I hope we can expect more from Marci.