Hello, dear Readers,

I visited the Tele- Seminar calls about "Happy for nor Reason", but what shoud be the fourth Tele- seminar is still the Third session I think.
I finished the book a few weeks ago.

I am from Munich Germany and here I have no chance to make a "Group", because the book is so new and only in English and not much friends understan enough English.

Yes, would be nice to support each other a little bit!

For example, the body- part of the book... In Germnay they measure the "Happy- Hormones" like Serotonin etc with a Urin- Analyse. The have no modern way to find out, if you have a lack.

So I started wiss "Schüssler Salze", bio-chemical salts, similar to Homöopathie. I found a good book in Germna, made self- test... AND found 4 salts that should make a more stabil mood and help me to get up better in the morning out of bed. I took them the second week now and I have the feeling it helpes a little bit already. Normaly you should take them as cure for a longer time.

So, here in the Forum are only a few people?!

Let us see how we could make here a Group?

Much kind regards from Munich, Germany


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