Hi Folks,

Takinitslo, it's great that you are so eager, and recognize that change is all a choice. My DBF was raised in a very abusive environment, and what makes it worse is that he was adopted into it. He could have had any type of parents, and somehow he got these. He's got a beautiful soul, and so much creativity and talent, and it gets easily hidden under junk that he carries around. Also has had therapy and has self-medicated with alcohol. Now he's getting to the point that he wants to take control back. And merely the thought of "It's all a choice" can be very empowering.

I'm still not finished my book, but I might just have to buy another copy so he can get on with it. I think if anyone can have an impact, it's Marci Shimoff, and her exercises are so wonderful. They just fill me up with warmth and sometimes a rush of happiness that's so powerful it brings me to tears. Good tears, of course, it's just that overwhelmed feeling of a feeling so big, you know?

I definitely have work to do myself, but I think I'm well on my way. My mum is a huge happiness inspiration. I'm very grateful to her.

I'd love to hear more about your journey as you grow. I'd like to share mine as well, and maybe keep people up to date on my sweetie, if he is ready to partake (or I'll just direct him here). I'm going to make sure I read a bit of it tonight to get back in touch. I'm starting a business, and most of my reading energy has been going to that sort of reading... business and technical... yuck! I want Happy for No Reason!

Anyhow, keep it up!