Well here we go. For those of you who want to actively work from the HFNR handbook, hop on board. I guess we can just share back and forth to begin with and see how comfortable we all are with it. This new post will keep the thread of things. Here is Exercise 1:

1. Think of a situation that you’ve been complaining about. Rate how you feel about
it on a scale of 1– 10, where 1 is “I’m the least satisfied about the situation” and
10 is “I’m the most satisfied.” _______________
(If you rated your situation a “1”, please skip to question 3.)
2. Great, you didn’t score a “1.” Write down what you’re doing (as many things as
you can think of) that cause you to rate your level of satisfaction at the number
you scored and not lower.
3. What would be the first tiny signs that your satisfaction has increased by one
point? Think carefully and write down as many things as you can.
4. In light of what you’ve written above, what are the first small steps you could take
in the next day to increase your satisfaction with this situation?
5. Begin to take some of the actions you’ve listed in number 4. Start to notice
times when you are a little more satisfied, and build on whatever you’re doing
that helps you.