1. My situation is wanting to sell my house and leave the area I live in. I have lived here for over 20 years and raised kids. Never liked it; but, it was a good place to work and raise kids. Now it's time to leave and I cannot control how fast this will happen. My score for this is a 5

2. We have repaired, renovated, painted, gotten a realtor and now are in limbo waiting for a buyer. We have researched areas to retire and have actually traveled to the top three. We're still not sure on the pick to move to. Have had lots of lookers on the house. We just have no control over the market or the rate of lookers. And that is frustrating. I feel out of control and driven by events. After typing this, I feel we have done a great deal; but, now it is up to the universe.

3. Keeping the place maintained (clean and tidy so that people can come at the drop of a hat); getting up and working out and getting on with things (feeling good physically and mentally); deciding to be happy regardless. travelling to the areas we are interested in and cementing that interest again; discussion about how much we want to move along--discuss the price and whether we will agree to drop the price (if at all); reassurance to each other that it will sell.

4. All of these steps are doable. I've been putting off many. Most immediate that can be done TODAY: 1) sit down and put the price on the table. 2) get daily workout and start yoga; 3) DECIDE to BE HAPPY!! A less immediate one is: I could make the reservations to go to the first location of choice and GO. And, of course, examine in a day or two if my score is higher than a 5!

Open to feedback.