Selling your house is a huge endeavor, one that I don't envy. I have a couple comments concerning your post. The first addresses one of your final comments about putting things off. I am the mother of all procrastinators. Most times the dread of doing something is worse than the task itself. But that usually doesn't keep me from putting things off. I received a quote in my e-mail a couple months ago that I keep with me. I wish I could remember who to give credit to.

"Action will create momentum. And in momentum will create an ability to forge through any adversity."

So when I have a big job I am putting off, I just start with one small part (sometimes a really teeny tiny part). And then I do one more small part. And pretty soon, the ball is rolling... usually. (Some days, you just gotta lay back.)

The other suggestion involves a book I picked up for which Marci was a contributor, The Secret. I have just started this book, and have been impressed. It has challenged a lot of my thinking about asking and receiving. It has to do with asking then really visualizing as if you have already received.

Bottom line...You seem overwhelmed, but it sounds as though you pretty much have your ducks in a row. Hang in there. Some things may be out of your hands and in the hands or the universe. But, is that really such a bad thing?

I'll be sending happy thoughts your way for a quick sale!