I'm going to do the exercise too, but before I do--I can relate to your challenge with the house. As a military (now retired) wife, we've moved many times. I hesitate to even say how many, it's astronomical. Many of the places where we were sent were not places I would have chosen, YET, there's not a one of them I didn't grow to love, and feel sorry to leave. But the selling the house part--holy moly, that was the tough part, every time.

You should know you are doing the right things. In some parts of the country, the market is kind of tough, but there are always buyers for a house if it looks good and if the price is right. Sometimes you just have to take a big gulp and leave some money on the table.

Some further steps you might try--Feng Shui--I have known several people who sold their homes within days of doing some good FS. LSC has a course in this or you can hire someone to come in and advise you. Another would be to watch some of the real estate shows on HGTV (on cable or satellite) which can be quite educational. Just remember, if a buyer walks into your house and FEELS GOOD (and your own thoughts contribute to that), they will be much more likely to buy it. If they feel the hustle and bustle and irritation a homeowner might be putting out because they don't really want to show it, and are tired of the whole process, they will be more inclined to move on.

I know you're going to sell that house soon--and probably the "where to go next" will fall into place like magic.