1. My gripey situation is a health issue: this KNEE pain I'm having since a fall last autumn. I can't take most of the typical anti-inflammatory type drugs because I'm allergic to most of those, and that includes OTC things. I really don't like being in pain, or unable to move the way I want. Still, I'm going to rate this a 5 because...

2. Steps I have been, and am taking (yoga and other knee exercises) to help this condition using natural means have been rewarding, and not only for my knee. Over all, I have more energy than even before I hurt my knee.

3. The first tiny signs of satisfaction: In the past, being able to walk the half mile to the mail box without significant pain. It was gradual, but sure. For now and the future--each new thing I can do without pain but I'm going to add stiffness now, which prevents me from moving freely. Each time I'm more fluid in my movements, I'm going to be tickled pink.

4. The first small steps I can take today--I have found some yoga poses specifically for knee health. I shall add them, one at a time.

5.--To be continued, as I work with these new poses.