Some tips for working with solutions focus.

At number one after rating yourself ask yourself why did you give yourself a number as high as you did. It doesn't matter if it is a 1 or a 10. It makes it easier to see all the good stuff that is already working.

For a number 1 it might just be; well I know about it and I'm thinking about doing something about it. I know I already have the ability to do x y or y I just need to transfer the skill or I need to learn. It just helps to direct to the solutions focus.

That way when look for signs that something has improved by a point it might be.. being more consistent in an action you already perform.

Remember the Solutions Focus is looking at and building on what is already working. We commonly make the mistake of trying to identify what is wrong. We our attention goes action goes.

Another tip If you have the Abundance For Life course check your manual for the miracle question. It will also help you focus on the solution.

takinitslo, The house will probably sell quickly once you've made the decision where you want to move to.