Looking back, I can see that there were more things going right with my relationship to begin with than not having fights. I allowed my dissatisfaction to cause me to become more negative. And my negativity caused me to become more dissatisfied...What a vicious circle! It was a real reminder of what I always told my kids. You can never control what others do. You can only control what you do.

I will continue to use this exercise to improve my satisfaction with my relationships with the people surrounding me. The exercise takes the emphasis off what is wrong and turns it around to a more positive what is right. And how can I do more of what what will work in a positive way.

I will also be using this exercise to improve my satisfaction with my home itself. We have the accumulation of 30 years of marriage and 3 kids. And I suspect a lot of the clutter is tied to emotional baggage. It is definitely not healthy for me. (The house doesn't need to be condemned. It's just that all this stuff around me causes stress.) This one is going to take a bit of soul searching. I'll let you know how it goes.