Hello all, I'm new to this forum, but thought this would be a great place for me to communicate with others that have read HFNR and are looking to keep up with the work beyond the book.

So here's my first lesson:

1. I'm constantly dissapointed in the housing market in Canada and cannot fathom how anyone could possibly afford a home for half a million dollars that isn't at least half a mansion in itself. My satisfaction rating on this is a 3.

2. I keep reminding myself that this is how the economy works, everyone (like me) is looking for more money and as employers pay more money the costs of running their business go up, it's kind of an unending cycle we need to make money to afford to buy something that is always jumping out of our maximum budget. I also remind myself that there isn't a price you can put on the safety of your own home, it's worth the cost.

3. The signs that would point out that my satisfaction has increased are:
Feeling that I will have my own home. Finding my dream home and knowing that I can easily afford the mortgage payments. Feeling the relief of knowing that I too have finally got my own little peice of land on this earth, and that I have somewhere to start a family and keep them safe.

4. In light of what you’ve written above, what are the first small steps you could take
in the next day to increase your satisfaction with this situation?

4. I suppose some of the steps I could take would be to start working on some exercises that will help me to feel worthy of owning my own home; I could start making a list of what I actually want in my dream home (number of rooms, bathrooms, flooring, number of floors, etc.), I could even start to pray for the help in finding my own home.

The more I think of it, there's a lot that I can do to start moving towards that dream that requires very little hard work on my part...I'm glad I spent the time to really think this one through.