I haven't been keeping up with the Oprah online classes, but I've been listening to The Secret on audio book a lot. I find that I'm just drawn to anything positive right now and I'm working really hard to avoid or turn around any negative situations that I get stuck in.

I'm working on The Law of Attraction in small doses, it worked in such a way that I ended up with a free, autographed copy of HFNR because I was searching for more information and, wouldn't you know it, Marci made a stop in my city and was giving a few books away on the morning news that I just happen to watch every day.

My advice for getting happy is to surround yourself with things that make you happy. Such as:

- Turn off the news and turn on some music that just makes you feel like dancing.

- Only read the happy articles from the newspaper and skip the local drama.

- Definitely go for the $2 basket for your "victim" behaviour (complaining, blaming, feeling guilty), I've opted for paperclips since I've got loads of them at work and mostly it's just a visual on seeing how quickly they add up; you'll find that after one day your instances of victimizing yourself will drop dramatically.

- Practice giving thoughts of "lovingkindness" to those that often turn your mood ugly. I call it the Care Bear Stare because, in a sense, that's pretty well the idea behind it...sending beams of love from your heart to those that really need some love.

Those are just a few suggestions, honestly, we could probably start a whole new thread on the topic of ways to turn a negative mood around and giving each other tips and tricks to keeping a positive outlook on life.

ML (much love),