Welcome HappyInCalgary. What some great suggestions. You must either be a child of the 80's or a parent of child of the 80's to remember the Care Bear Stare.

I, too, have become more aware of the negativity presented in all types of media, and have been changing some of the things I expose myself to. I haven't seen Oprah's videocast, but the book has caught my attention. I guess that means I should check it out. The expression "When the student is ready, the teacher will come" has been so true for me. And once I was presented with HFNR, it's been like falling dominoes (in a good way). I have been paying attention to the resources that have really spoken to me. And I have found that by doing this, when I need something, it has been waiting. I have been presented with a way to increase income. My bathroom scales have a post-it with my ideal weight right where the numbers read out and I actually got rid of my winter clothes in my old size (from The Secret). I knew that I really had never let go of my past and just built walls instead, and next in my pile of books to read is The Sedona Method. My reading list has increased exponentially, but my attention span and ability to concentrate has not. But, a couple days ago, I was introduced to some material on brain entrainment that I am checking out(think bio feedback). Also, I ran across the course for photo reading that I had set aside and forgotten about. I trust that I will now have the time to get through it all. One thing just seems to support the next. When I left my job, I knew it was time to go, but not for what. I am so excited that now I am moving forward again.

Great ideas for sending out the love. Here's one more. Give someone your place in line. It doesn't cost anything but a few minutes. And the payoff can be so much fun!