The bank legally robbed me for their mistake and basically told me to deal with it, since I have direct deposit they were going to take my whole paycheck.I explained to the people at the bank branch the problem, they tried to fix it, but the people above them finalized the issue were they could not do anything about it. GREAT NEWS!!! The manager at the Branch gave me the TOP DOGS of that bank's company telephone number I called him in proved the mistake was on their half in they fixed my problem
Keep in mind. I had to fight this problem with the odds strongly against me. I was stressing because I was not going to have a paycheck,but I kept my eye on the prize in came out the winner:o
Some people seem to think once you start thinking positive things like this will not happen Issues like this build you up to the next level in positive thinking especally when up keep positive and strong through it instead of give up.

Before I close I going to remind you again this was a Big Problem that seemed impossible for me to win.It was like me going to fight a whole army by myself with a rock and they had guns but I won \:D