By the time when I got my first LSC product (the photoreading book), I got into a wagon of wanting personal development. Over the years I have bought many products on personal development:

Paraliminal Tapes:
-10-Minute Supercharger
-Anxiety Free
-Automatic Pilot
-Deep Relaxation
-Dream Play
-Get Around To It
-Holiday Cheer
-Ideal Weight
-Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
-Memory Supercharger
-New Behavior Generator
-New History Generator
-New Option Generator
-Perfect Health
-Personal Genius
-Self-Esteem Supercharger
(In other words; I have all the paraliminals but two)

LSC Courses:
-Natural Brilliance
-Spring Forest Qigong Level 1
-Boundless Renewal
-The Genius Code
-Memory Optimizer
-Ideal Mindset
-Decisive Action
-Consistent Achievement
-Four Powers for Greatness

Non LSC tapes:
-Perfect Health Silent Subliminal
-Making Change Easy Silent Subliminal
-Attracting Money & Success Silent Subliminal
-Super Longevity Silent Subliminal
-Financial Freedom Minicourse
-Relationships Minicourse

Non LSC programs:
-Sedona Method Course
-Holosync (I'm currently doing the Awakening Level 4)
-Magical Mind, Magical Body
-Successful Investing and Money Management: The Money Course
-How to Make Money in Commodity Futures

This list is not a complete list. One thing I should note is that I have many courses or tools, but one thing that I have very prominently is procrastination. I even procrastinate to listen the "Get Around to It" paraliminal. So I have all of it, but I haven't completed half of them. In fact, I follow the Holosync program, I completed the Natural Brilliance course (with little success on having it make a good difference), and the Sedona Method course (this one is maybe what's moving me now towards one of my more difficult goals for me); and the remaining ones were abandoned. I quitted the Photoreading course after listening just the first session; I quitted the Genius Code when I was about to do my first Image Stream; I quitted Memory Optimizer without applying any memory technique; I quitted "Four Powers for Greatness" after the first "power": listening. I have never done any of the "Ideal Mindset", "Decisive Action", or "Consistent Achievement" courses. I quitted the "Spring Forest Qigong" because I got guilt problems at using it. All this gives an idea on how big is my procrastination problem. If I ever skip a day without doing the current course, then it is very likely that I will not finish it at all.

Now I'm about to begin something, well I actually already begun it. I recently purchased the "How to Make Money in Commodity Futures" course and I already started it. But looking back at my shameful history on completing courses, I know that's very likely that I will quit it short. I need something else in order to keep myself on track. The Sedona Method as well as Holosync have being working well in changing many things, but they're working slowly. And more importantly; I have many obstacles on all this about money, I fear money. The way I was raised got me with many erroneous preconceptions and fears about money that keep me from achieving financial freedom. Although I know that more or less everyone have issues on money, I have this other big procrastination problem that can work against me on this. From my personal development courses I can pick one that can help me on getting the right attitudes on money: Ideal Mindset.

One of the things that I must do for the Ideal Mindset course is setting a goal. My main goal would be "I want to be financially free". But this goal do not meet the guidelines for setting a goal, having the wish of being financially free don't give me any sense of direction.

I have two courses on earning money: "Successful Investing and Money Management: The Money Course" and "How to Make Money in Commodity Futures".

I bought the first one more than a decade ago, it is very large and difficult. By that time I had none of the tools I have now, so I left it almost at the start. I still have it waiting for a future chance. I bought the second one recently and I already have started it. It focuses on the commodity futures and it is written in simple terms, so it is the right choice to begin with.

So a more to the point goal would be "I want to complete the 'How to Make Money in Commodity Futures' course".

Completing a course doesn't mean I'll apply what I'd learn so I need to rephrase the goal statement:

Major Goal:
I want to familiarize myself with the concepts and jargon of commodity futures, build the habit of tracking commodity futures quotes and get practical knowledge and confidence on commodity trading by doing "paper trades" without risking real money.

I think this goal meets the Ideal Mindset course's guidelines for goal setting:
- The goal is stated in positive terms.
- It is fully within my control.
- I don't have to give up anything (not even money) in order to accomplish it.
- It is tangible, measurable and testable.
- Financial freedom is one of my most desired things, so it is something worthwhile to me.

Development Goal Statement:
Being free of many barriers, fears and taboos about money. Open a new horizon of opportunities that will enrich my field of possible new attitudes and/or options available to me that will lead me to be financially free.

As I think on my Development Goal Statement, I realize that completing my major goal would be a major breakthrough in all my life.

Since this is so important and the Ideal Mindset course recommends to keep a journal and to get in contact with Learning Strategies on this (they say they'd love to hear from me), I've decided to make this forum my journal. I believe that this way, I'd be better motivated for following the course towards my goal, and it will have the advantage of getting feedback that could be most helpful on achieving my goal. So bear with me on this effort to get a breakthrough in my personal development.