Hi. I just read the response by msbeth20 and it was so moving.
The situation that I am having trouble with is making friends. I'm in my second year of college. This last summer I read Happy For No Reason and loved it. It changed my life. Now I'm in school again and though some things have changed, I'm still not as close with my peers as I would like to be.
I would rate my satisfaction level right now as a 2. I've been reaching out to people. I've been working through a lot of my own issues and practiced forgiving friends of mine that hurt me in the past. I've been trying to open up more and I've been sending loving kindness (or trying to) when someone is mean or being exclusive.
Although I've been practicing all of these things, I'm not satisfied with the situation. I've tried letting go and surrendering to the universe. But it seems like everyone else in my group of friends have closer relationships with each other than with me.
What would improve my satisfaction greatly is if I had one or two (or more) friends who liked me best or specifically wanted to hang out with me. I think it's been very discouraging to feel like no one likes me best.
I'm posting this with the hope that someone can help guide me with this problem. I've had great friendships in the past so I know it's possible, but right now I don't know how to get where I want to be.
How does one gain true friends?