Hi. I just finished reading Happy For No Reason and decided to check out the web for more information. The book was truly inspirational but more than anything I enjoyed the practical suggestions. The book offered many of the "how to" ideas needed to find inner peace. It is amazing how all humans want to be loved. All of us want inner peace and happiness. I am trying to apply the steps throughout my day. My theme for today is "Dancing Trees" and everywhere I go and see the trees dancing in the breeze I remember just how much I have to thank God for. I see some of my crabby co-workers who previously annoyed me as persons with signs around their neck "Make Me Feel Important" and I do try. they feel good and it is amazing how they respond with love and in some cases SHOCK! Their crabbiness drops and they start to smile. Those who dont I walk with a mental screen around so that I dont get drained by any negative energy. Love your neighbous as you love yourself. Today I spent time telling me all the things that I admire and am proud of. It is false humilty to act as if loving oneself is pride. We need to love ourselves first.