Hi to everyone who has read "Happy for No Reason" or may consider reading it.....

I scanned through "Happy" in about a three-day period. I will be going over it again more into depth and doing all the exercises that Marci and Carol have in the book. Since I love to be pushed and enjoy a challenge, I'm very confident that some of these exercises will push me greatly.

I am also looking to create a new "Happy" group here or be part of one that has already been created. I like the part in the book where Marci was part of two groups which met on a regular basis. That is what I seek, locally, or in other ways. I would not mind being part of a group online that met regularly that shared victories, challenges, and such for the week as well. Even if I end up posting them through another forum or something along those lines.

Even before reading "Happy", I was already doing some things for motivation purposes. Like this one sticker from Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's wife. It reads: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Just having "Happy" as additional motivation to all motivational stuff in my apartment, my future will an extremely bright one. Don't ask me how I know - I just know. I don't know when it will happen, how it will happen, etc. However, it will be unlike anything I have seen so far in my life. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.


"'Happy for No Reason' will prove to be a 'difference maker' in my life"