Im new and I hope that Ive done this right. Just trying to connect with others and get some positive feedback.

I have completed course one of ES, and now am playing through course two. My question is regarding the daily affirmations. I created five affirmations, and I saw almost immediate and almost overwhelming results from one of them. However, they were not exactly the results I had intended. I reviewed my written affirmation, and discovered that it was possible for the universe to translate my affirmation differently than what I had intended. Now Im slighlty paranoid about what I write as it always seems possible for my affirmation to be interpreted differently than my intention. Does that make sense, and does someone have any thoughts and feedback regarding writing foolproof affirmations? Everytime I modify an affirmation, Im guessing that my 30 day (astronaut goggle wearing) process starts all over again. I am starting to feel slightly discouraged.

Thanks for any replies in advance.
Intentional One