Hi French Claire -
It comes to mind that 'financial freedom' is a goal that most of our forum members have in common. But I have a habit of looking for a different perspective to topics brought up for discussion and this is one that occurs to me here. Just what does 'financial freedom' mean to each of us, individually? I think it is the definition of what would make each of us feel financially free that often hangs us up. I, personally, am very 'turned off' by encouragement to visualize large homes, fancy cars, leisurely vacations, 'best seller' status, TV appearances, etc. - all those things that symbolize the collection of large sums of money. I think that true financial freedom is to have enough to be able to live joyfully (abundantly).
Yet the term is often used as an euphemism for 'filthy rich.' Yes, for some people 'financial freedom' seems to involve having large amounts of money - money to trade for things, influence, recognition, etc. Some few who live that way, do so joyfully. They are always heart-felt givers. But there seem to be many with large amounts of money who seem somehow to keep wanting more - whether it is more things, more power, more influence, more recognition, etc. They are still chasing money and are still dependent on the state of their finances for their sense of well-being.
But the same thing is true of those of more limited finances. Some can live joyfully with amounts of money that are merely sufficient to provide for their basic needs and allow them to touch others and be touched by them. They are also heart-felt givers. Since they don't spend their energy chasing after more and more money, they are financially free too. Others of limited financial means are always chasing money, dependent on the state of their finances for their sense of well-being.
Living with a sense of 'financial freedom' is only a piece of the abundance mentality. Feeling free to share from whatever abundance is in our lives is, indeed, a joyful way to live.
May you create and share some of the joy of your abundance today,
Margaret Ida