Dear Forum Readers - and Margaret Ida - to whom I am responding now,

I know what you are getting at, Margaret Ida, and there are times when I can be totally and completely in present time, thus money is of little significance. The ability to stay fully in the present is something I am getting better at. In my experience these can be intensely powerful interludes of deeply appreciating nature (say, if I am on a walk), or just feeling 100% content, at peace with myself and the world, and since Effortless Success, I feel much more genuine bliss and joy.

However, I totally disagree with your second assertion that arriving at financial freedom (whatever that means to each individual)and living joyfully as a consequence is a freedom impossible to attain.

That (to me) is akin to saying that having full health isn't a cause for joy, or having a glorious relationship with one's spouse or one's child.... these bring me the greatest sense of aliveness and joy.

I have had dozens of friends and aquaintences who are financially free. While financial freedom is no guarantee of joy, it certainly can remove all sorts of barriers and open the doors to adventure, experimentation, a sense of freedom, safety and well-being.

There are two sides to the finance coin - or the opposite of being financially free is being financially restricted. Just as financial constraints are not necessarily 100% bad news, living with too little money over an extended period is very "angst-making" and stressful.

In summary, Margaret Ida, the ability to experience pure joy is a state of mind not contingent upon financial resources. However having the wherewithall to choose what one does is a magical experience too.
French Claire