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The time to savour coffee and croissant for breakfast. To stand around the BBQ savouring freshly cooked seafood with family. To be there because someone needs me.

It doesn't matter if we sit on a milk crate or luxury recliner.

Yeah, but who pays for the coffee, the croissants and the seafood? If you have space for a barbie, you probably have a pretty decent house to live in - who pays/paid for that? I'll bet your patio isn't adorned with milk crates!

Would you be happy living in smelly, old clothes under a bridge, with just raw insects to eat and dirty canal water to drink? I think not!

This reminds me of Wayne Dyer, who has renounced the material world to devote his time to the spiritual in abject poverty...in a luxury, sea-view villa on Maui! MAUI!

Not that I mind that. If he has the money, why not? I'll take the recliner any day, but I won't pretend that it doesn't matter. Recently I am seeing that money is more important than I was telling myself it was, because I simply can't do a lot of the things I want to do in life without it. Money is a means to and end, but it isn't the end, and as long as we see it like that, we should be OK. It's when money becomes a god, that we start to get into trouble.

I know of one 'guru' or should I say 'Teacher Of The secret' to whom money is far more important than all the 'Universal Abundance' BS she talks, when money is one the table, taking the sleaze aspect of that infernal movie to a whole new level...down. It's amazing the corrupting influence money has on people, isn't it?