Don't you guys think that if you want to find true happiness someone convincing you to spend exorbitant amounts of money on ridiculous self help books and common sense advice (Exercise helps you feel better)is pretty stupid?

Are your lives and your heads really that empty that you need Marci Shimoff to shave money off you to convince yourself that you are "happy for no reason"? You should be happy for many reasons, not because you spend over $250 on what amounts to the grade school equivalent of a Family and Consumer Sciences book.

Let me save you guys some money -

1. Exercise makes you less fat
2. Ignorance is bliss

Congratulations! You are now on the road to complete ignorant happiness based on nothing except your own convoluted idea that you deserve to be happy simply from being alive.

I hope you all are happy from filling your heads with this blind ideology and not original thought. If you need a $250 course to convince you that you are happy, then you clearly have nothing to be happy about.

These people are in it for the money people, they don't care at all about you. They are here to make you feel important so you will buy more of their garbage. Don't buy into it.