Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm carefree. Sometimes I'm happy, for no reason at all!

Sometimes I have fun just noticing things: for instance, Einstein proposed that we live in a "friendly universe." That is, a universe that supports our thoughts and intentions.

This thread leads me to believe that yes, it is a friendly universe because it upholds one of Quizman's beliefs even in the face of his own argument against it.

I mean, if ignorance is bliss,
and Quizman is ignorant of the contents of Happy For No Reason,
then his ignorance of those contents
is blissful for him.

So, it works even when you don't participate!

OK, that was in a sense of fun.

Here's more valuable content:
I use several Learning Strategies Corporation products.
I plan on using more in the future.

These products have helped me gain mental clarity,
be easier on myself,
calm my thoughts and
consciously choose which thoughts to think,
and which to ignore or banish.

My results depend upon how clear I frame my intentions
and how much I honor the time and processes
I need to complete my particular project.

If you are starting out with "this stuff"
--that is "self-improvement" as it is sometimes called--
try some of the paraliminals or Genius Mind.
They are less expensive and very fun!

There's also a paperback copy of Happy for No Reason. That's what I have. Sometimes you don't need the whole big course. Everyone has different goals.

I read a photoreading book in the library--sort of a "dummies" type book by Paul Scheele. It was great--I already read pretty fast, but this book REALLY STRENGTHENED my recall and reading for specific information. Someday I'll take the photoreading class live!

Gee, there's also a quarterly drawing for $250 in products. That reminds me, I better sign up!

I think LSC provides a great and valuable service
to the world community.
I also think their prices are modest
compared to the value and quality provided.

Best wishes,

Warmest wishes,

Washington State