Today was my first time with the 'over the wall' exercise and I found it to be frustrating. I felt anxious and felt like I was lost even as my vision carried me. I felt like I was doing it wrong. I was all over the place it seems. I felt anxious and with that anxiety I had a hard time seeing anything and then when I did it felt off and meaningless.

The second leap deeper into the rabbit hole took me to a place of nothingness and a couple random objects. Sometimes I would try to look closer at them but I couldn't because they were constantly changing.
I felt like I was unintentionally searching for epiphany instead of observing.

Am I even doing this right?
I went far away from the wall and went on a mini boring adventure.

Am I supposed to see just what's in front of me or can it run off with my mind?

The image streaming seemed to be a breeze but posing a question and then trying to see a surprise answer proved to be harder than I thought.

Clarity? Help? Tips?
All is appreciated.
Thank you!