Dear Effortless Abundance Forum contributors,
I have been away exploring new horizons - having spent months and months focussing on Effortless Success. Never found a forum as active and inspiring as this one though. So I miss it and now I'm back to spill more beans and make sure I keep taking my Five-a-Day action steps just as Jack Canfield instructs.

I have discovered that I needed more input in order to again clarity on what is the life of my dreams. I mean, why commit to something when one isn't ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it is what I want and whether it is attainable? Imagine giving it 100% attention and it isn't exactly what I want! So I have been snooping around in other programmes and fora and gaining clarity.

As I write I still haven't managed to find a buyer for our magical heritage home on the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. That is holding me up. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to contact wealthy US nationals who may want a family seat in Ireland?

I have gained massive insight and am on my way to being financially literate. With this literacy my Ultimate Life has become so much clearer. Why? Well, now I know WHY I want money, how much, what money should do for me, and which of my targets really are enduring.

An example of this dawning clarity. I thrive in warm sunshine and I'm not really a winter person. Hence I thirst for a winter home on Sardinia (where I lived for 2 years) or Crete (the geology and climate draw me). It will be a house with lots of stone terraces and blue shutters. When we bought our current home in France, I immediately wanted to paint the shutters a mediterranean blue. No, no! lack of clarity! I was confusing this house with my summer home in-the-pipeline just because they both have wooden shutters at the windows. A holiday home in the winter sun is a recurring theme, so now I am going to fast forward it.

A final comment: What has happened to this forum since I got busy elsewhere? If you read this, drop in, say hello and lets kick-start the dialog again.

Adieu and may your Christmas be effortlessly, effortlessly successful,
French Claire