My interpretation of your posting is that you need to concentrate on yourself. Your husband is just a catalyst of underlying problems and, since he is always in your life, that stirs the problems up all the time. It's like a yo-yo movement, but you have not been able to start releasing yet so you can start the next stage of your life.

For my personal development path I have used a number of tools, not all from LSC. I do have the Paraliminals, Resiliency, Effortless Success and a few others. I believe you should start with a meditation program first to calm down and relax. I do not have Jeddah's Seed of Enlightment, but I am told it is very good. As a way of rebuilding your life, Effortless Success is very effective. It's a good program.

If you decide to use the Paraliminals, you should also consider buying the Accelerator which allows you to get a lot more out of them.

I hope it helps.