Hello Everyone,
French Claire back again after many, many months of absence. I just wanted to add my tuppence worth regarding finding a life purpose.

I did the Effortless Success course totally, and while I haven't solved all my life problems yet, I certainly started to generate real feelings of joy in my life. Lots and lots of radiant joy which was tempered with a huge growth spurt in personal development, so I cannot complain about not getting my money's worth from ES.

My advice to people drawing a blank when they work on finding their life's purpose is to say not to worry too much. Try it 'lightly' and if it doesn't come, just continue with the rest of the ES course as if you had one.

By the way I received a life's purpose and a special talisman when I did those meditations - one was a decorative key. Neither of these are important in my life right now, though I did buy a pair of golden key earrings and I wear them whenever I think a special talisman will give me extra umph.

Now about a year post my active immersion into ES I can look back and say the whole course gave me many insights into what I love doing and being, and particular gifts, strengths and areas of special interest. I have reams of goals too. Lovely, exciting things to joyfully gizz up my mind whenever I want to raise my vibrations.

However I felt exactly like you guys. Kind of as if I had fallen at the first hurdle - even though I found a purpose I couldn't wholly believe in it - and that diminished my satisfaction. I am a bit of a perfectionist and not being able to complete each ES step made me feel I wasn't doing this whole thing right.

I have found my Life Purpose now, it came to me clear as a bell in the middle of the night when I do my best thinking. It surprised me in its mundanity. I have a broad-spectrum life purpose, one that is applicable to a multitude of scenarios. Now I realise I was expecting something much more momentous as a Life Purpose, perhaps saving 1000s of children from poverty, or changing the world in a significant way. This expectation prevented me from hearing my more general, pedestrian life purpose. I am unlikely to be the next Mother Teresa, nor a Nelson Mandela (even though he is my mentor!!!).

I bet you want to know what my life purpose is??? "Make Life Better". That's it. That is all. But now I understand the magic of a life purpose like mine. I can apply it to every aspect of my life that I enjoy. I have motivational websites, and what gives me most pleasure and satisfaction is to see how my pages make people feel better. Similarly I also restore old stone buildings (conservation) and rent them out to people who have no home of their own = making their life better too. And I love being involved in environmental projects = making life better in a global sense. I save hedgehogs and return them to the wild = making their lives better. I have also campaigned for missing people and their families = making their life a little bit better. Suddenly I realised that my Life Purpose is multi-functional. And whenever I do something truly meaningful for me, I am making life better for me or someone else.

My second realisation post ES is that Jack may not have provided the right tool for all of us to divine our Life Purpose. For many of us, a single meditation may not open the door. Then our expectation is not instantly fulfilled and we start to feel unsuccessful and down goes the feel-good factor.

I suggest that anyone having trouble finding a Life Purpose as per Jack, should try alternative methods and venues. I connect with Divine Spirit much better in the great outdoors. Here I connect deeply with my spirituality. So this is obviously the better place for me to ask for divine inspiration. For some a holy place such as a church may do it, or a mountain top, or a safe space.

My final thought on Life Purpose came when I listened to Amit Goswami talking about God and prayer (http://www.shiftinaction.com/discover/search). He said something like he has to laugh when he hears people praying to God. In 80% of the cases we are asking God for something other than what we have, to change this, to stop that, to take this away and to provide something else. If God knows best, then why are we trying to tell God what is best for us?

You know, I think Amit is right. Why ask God (or whoever) for favours, miracles or insight when creating our own reality is our responsibility? Following this line of thought: if we truly want to know our life purpose shouldn't we ask ourselves what it is?

I hope this is food for thought for someone out there.
Have an effortless successful day today and every day!
(Wouldn't it be smashing if this post just made your life better?)
I wish you all a full minute of perfect bliss,
French Claire

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