Dear ProsperityLove,
Thank you for your inspiring post. It is written in the spirit of 'Abundance for Life' and I have read it a few times recently. Today, again, I am letting the force of your inspiration, your hopes, your high visions wash over me and do me good. Thank you!

It calls to my spirit (my True Self). You know what, when our vibrations are high enough, good things happen. You raise my vibrations by a gear or two....

Today I want to give thanks for four miracles.
1) My son came out top of the class in uni - not a boast this, just pure delight in his hard won achievement. Two years ago he didn't speak a word of French, today he is in uni in Paris and is bursting with enthusiasm. Great for him.

2) My boss of 20 years ago in Munich is back in touch. A multi-millionaire and MENTORING ME. Wow. He is 70 now and the personification of all that is true and positive. It happened because I reached out and reconnected.

3) I have found two appropriate places to market our Georgian dream home across the UK. While it broke our hearts to leave it, the deed is done, and we need to find the perfect person to treasure it. Scart House is in what must be the most spiritual, mystical landscape on the planet. I feel it is my responsibility to find a sympathetic, enlightened, passionate owner. Forums such as this one are visited by individuals of highest intention. So I invite you to consider a place in paradise, just look at the scenery:

4) I just ordered some nice stuff from James Ray (yes, the guy in the sweatlodge headlines). I enjoyed three of his works and now bought more for one cent each (stuff that would cost two hundred dollars). You probably know about this already. But just in case there is someone who feels Christmas is the right time to expand their spiritual and financial boundaries virtually free of charge,

I conclude by reverting to ProsperityLove's post. I too share a need to help people feel and live better, happier, healthier, more rewarding lives. I too need courage to rise to the challenge of creating wealth and abundance so that I can help and give more.

I wish you all a magnificent day and leave you now in intense gratitude,
In love and abundance,
French Claire