It sounds to me like you are feeling something...resistance. How about not worrying about the underlying emotion and just releasing on the resistance. Resistance is a bodily/energetic sensation that can be released itself. Once that is cleared out then you can feel what is underneath. Believe it or not resistance actually presents an opportunity for growth.

What I have done in the past is listen to the 1st CD 2nd track of the abundance course and just released on resistance. For example when Larry says "Now think of something that makes you angry"...I don't think of something that makes me angry I just stick with the feeling of resistance the whole time. It seemed to work for me at the time.

Are you a holosync listener? In my experience overwhelm is another name for resistance. Holosync overwhelm is sticky but it can be released just do the "Release Technique" process on the overwhelm and be patient it takes a while. Release on the overwhelm for the entire 2nd track of the 1st CD and you should notice a change in the emotion. It might become more raw as opposed to knotted and tight (that is progress). Do this process everyday and you will get better at it!

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