purpose is something your drawn to without effort. The clues are there, always.

For me as a kid I always wanted to be a national geographic photographer and travel the world. Am I completely hooked into that one option, no. As I grew older I discovered I love creativity, aka art and its many forms.

I'm good at solving mysteries too, lol.

I just started this course, and discovered somethings that correlate to events from the past. No conclusions on any of that yet.

My sister passed away earlier in the year and in some ways I felt stuck, felt a lot of other things too but today I find myself cleaning house. I've already been outside, shoveled the snow and cleaned off the vehicles. Dishes are almost done and I'm working on the office.

What led to this was the question from the 4th cd in the main course that asked to come up with 7 things you like about your life. I just couldn't answer that question.