Hi everyone: I am asking for help, guidance, advice and thoughts on how to focus my attention and frame my questions for using Prosperity and Living the Law of Attraction paraliminal tapes in my job search.


I am a long time user of paraliminals and have achieved some remarkable results with their help.

Prosperity is one of my favorites. For me, I find it normally works in one of two ways:

1. within a few days of listening, it helps with an extra spurt of enthusiasm/focus/motivation, and I find whatever I was looking for; or

2. weeks later, after I've forgotten all about listening, something will "just happen", or things will "just come together" and my mind clicks - "Hey, I listened to Prosperity on this".

I also find that Prosperity is best for those things which would be great, but you don't really need, or, rephrased: when you are not relying on the tape, or putting pressure on yourself to succeed.

My great success with and wonder at this tape (well, MP3 tracks) makes it all the more disappointing that I really haven't been able to harness it successfully in my job search.

Living the Law of Attraction is the only paraliminal which I have not been able to make use of successfully so far. Maybe I am not framing the questions or maybe I misunderstand the point of it. I have read the instructions and looked through the forum, but obviously no-one else is having problems with it, because it is hardly mentioned.


I am currently seriously underemployed. I am an attorney who hasn't worked as an attorney for 18 months. I am not starving, I have a part-time job as a caretaker on a farm, with free accommodation, and I also work part-time proofreading legal documents in English for lawyers in Europe (longish story). I love my free time and try to make the most of it, but as the months clock up, I more and more often feel a little down. I volunteer for a local legal organisation, but it is quite a drive to get to, so gas is using up most of my money. I have been able to use this time (with the help of paraliminals) to really work on, and (almost) master my time management and my getting round to it (!) and I have become a highly efficient, highly skilled job application machine (with the help of SL, PG, SES, NBG, NHG, AF, F&C and others).

Originally I had some preferences for the kind of job I wanted (because my last full-time was job was tedious and boring and I was very unsuited for it, though my jobs before it I had really enjoyed and been good at) (the things I had enjoyed were meeting people, travelling, problem-solving, using my analytical skills and it was fast-paced). But I gave up on them a while ago, and now I just want anything which sounds remotely like lawyer or attorney so I can have some experience when I apply for jobs more to my fancy when the economy picks up.

My lack as it were, is that (a) there are very, few jobs advertised for lawyers or anything remotely related; and (b) those jobs require substantially more experience that I can remotely claim and (c) obviously I do apply for these jobs, but I don't ever get an interview (and a chance to wow them with my paraliminal -enhanced charm and dynamism).

Obviously the ideal scenario would be that there were many jobs advertised which my skill and experience set would be a great match for (or even an arguable match for), that I would get lots of interviews when I did apply, or that I would get a job offer for a job which I would enjoy doing and which would play to my natural talents. I would happily accept anything which took me just one step down the path towards that scenario


Unfortunately I'm feeling a bit stuck here, and I was wondering if anyone could help me somehow utilize either one or both of these paraliminals (and as I write this I realise I should use belief on one or two of my implicit assumptions.)

And, if anyone could provide just general advice on that would be a good situation to use LLOA then that would also be great?

Thank you to everyone who read this far. :-)