Hi Matt!

Its odd, isnt it, how little activity this forum sees. I take that as evidence that people are finding it so easy to fit in the five minute increments of time for the meditations in Pure Energy and are so happy with the results that they are quietly going on with the meditations and their lives.

In the Meditations for Your Day, the Morning Five Minutes is joined by the Rebalancer and Bedtime Meditations. The Rebalancer can be used at any time during the day to regain or enhance equilibrium and clarity. Most people do the Bedtime one immediately before going to or even when in bed.

The Meditations for Your Life pertain to the Abundance in your life, your Health, Relationships, Environment and Spiritual Expansion. These can be done in a purposeful, scheduled way or spontaneously, whenever you are drawn to a particular one.

Pete and I both enjoy mixing them up as well, doing one after another without any particular order. This gives a really expanded sense of all areas of your life.

If you should have any specific questions, be sure and let me know, as I do most of the coaching for this course.

All the best to you!