I've got the Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, Consistent Achievement, Resiliency, and Natural Brilliance sets on cassette. I've also got Ideal Weight on cassette. I am about halfway through Ideal Mindset. I listen through a light/sound machine while seated on a meditation cushion. I have been doing the requisite reading of the manual and writing out goals and responses.

I have also been listening to one side of "Ideal Weight" each night as I go to sleep.

My goal is to get into the best shape of my life and get down to around 160 lbs. I'd like to run the marathon that is held in Mankato, MN in October of 2013. I want to use my cassette sets along with Ideal Weight in an efficient and systematic manner to achieve this goal.

I have got my exercise and eating in order and have already lost about 50 lbs. in the last 4 months. I want to use the tapes to help keep me on track, minimize setbacks, and heighten my motivation.

I've also got "Genius Code" and the PhotoReading Learning Course on cassette. Not sure how I might use these to help me achieve my goal.

Any thoughts on how I might optimize?