So I finished Ideal Mindset tonight. I started it on January 1st so it took me a bit over two weeks to get through it. I tried to listen to one side of a tape per day and missed a few days and listened to two sides on a couple of days.

Overall I am not sure what has happened. I didn't really notice any movement toward my goal. My weight has stayed at about 250 give or take a few lbs since before Christmas. My goal is to get to about 160 by October of 2013. A subgoal was to make it to 225 by Feb. 15. It seems clear that is not going to happen. I have stayed diligent with my exercise and with food for the most part though I have found it more difficult recently to stay under my goal of 1600 calories per day, though I am not missing it by a lot most days.

The next obvious set to go through would be Decisive Action. I don't mind that idea but I am most excited about going through Natural Brilliance. Need to decide before tomorrow night which I will start. Will take the same strategy I have been using of listening to one side of a tape per night until finished.

I am also planning to review each of the paraliminals from Ideal Mindset as I go to sleep each night.