First of all stop comparing yourself to others. Your perception that people are thrilled about a new phone or app, doesn't mean they aren't depressed themselves. That kind of happiness is short lived. People who love to travel see travel as an adventure. I can tell you from experience the havoc I've experienced during travel... Fight delayed, missing flight, luggage missing, 50 hours traveling and nearly 70 hours without a bed, having to go and buy clothes because the clothes you've been wearing for 70 hours are offending yourself. And that's from one civilised country to another. At that time happy is not the emotion that I experienced. Worn out, tad frustrated. too tired to be angry, a little insulted about being pulled up at the airport for almost a strip search because flight schedule was changed because of missed flight and my lack of luggage that the airline left behind (and didn't show up for 4 days after I arrived). Now I laugh about it. Why? Because I survived it.

Number one thing if you want to know happiness, stop comparing what you think makes other people happy. I love to take photos and it annoys my family that I'm always taking photos when we get together. They like to have a drink when they celebrate, I don't.

It's a huge misconception that "everyone else is happy but I'm not so I must be broken." if the majority of the world were truly happy there would be no need for the book on the subject.

I'm not fussed about phone apps or games.

You know when I'm happiest? When my mind is empty. When I stopped comparing and looking for what's wrong with me and started appreciating what's right about me.

Have you ever receive a compliment and said to the person, you're wrong, you don't really know me. If you knew me you wouldn't say that. Or, okay so what do you want from me, no one gives a compliment without wanting something in return.

Why? What proof do we have that either of those things are true?

What proof do you have that people who travel like travelling and 99%? where do you get that figure. Technically I hate travelling. I re frame it. It's an adventure. Take the dive and hope the net will appear. That's got nothing to do with being happy. The adventure often includes meeting new people, trying some different food. Testing your comfort zones.

Being depressed, well that's like looking at a wall and thinking that's all there is. Nothing will change and then be unwilling to change. Unwilling to risk finding what brings you joy for the fear you'll lose it anyway. There are destinations I have no interest in travelling to, that's got nothing to do with happiness. If I did wind up going there. It's me. It's not stuff I do. It's my choice.

I can actually choose to be happy in this moment or be depressed because "this doesn't interest me".