I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. I got quite inspired by "100 days of qigong" concept and wanted to do the same with my walking habit.

I am really thrilled to report that today I finished my 100 consecutive days of "walking for at least 1 hr every day". It feels really good and empowering smile.

Meanwhile, I had also been experimenting with cultivating some other habits. My experience so far has been that paraliminals work really well when the intention behind an objective is very strong.

I also found by experimentation that one of the best ways to set strong intention is by typing affirmations. I tried writing affirmations/goals on paper but just could not do it to the extent I desired. I felt much more comfortable with the keyboard than the pen. And to my surprise it worked really well.

I would highly recommend experimenting with typing/writing affirmations for anyone trying to get more from the paraliminal sessions.