Hi again, Rich!

I'm sure the use of intention varies from person to person, but I love doing my meditative/contemplative work in the morning.I always seem to feel clearer and more focused then.

That being said, however, I also like to do a weekly review on the weekend and note what worked, what didn't and what I would like to tweak.

I don't think of setting intentions as changing the Sea of Awareness, but rather changing the way I am using or molding the energy (which is so incredibly reliable, available 24/7 and in infinite supply) into what I focus on. The setting of a purposeful intention is akin to being "on duty" and noticing what I am creating rather than being "off duty" and wondering how the heck I ended up where I am.

The beauty of all this is that if you notice you have created something you're not enjoying, you can consciously choose to do something different. Like a potter who isn't getting the results he wants, you simply remold the clay into a new configuration. And you can do that over and over and over ... until you have created exactly what you originally visualized (or something even better)!

Lots of love,