Hi everyone. Yesterday I had just received the FM pack & I want to share why in particular I bought this - though I wished I had bought it last year in 2015. On February 1st 2015 I had a dream in relation to FM. I am a cleaner at a Distribution Company where I have been the past 3 years. In this dream I was cleaning as normal & a truck-driver named KEVIN came up to me saying he had just purchased the FM course-pack. I say to him that I had heard of LS & bought many course-packs from them. When I woke up from the dream I noted what I remembered & I thought to myself why was it in particular my colleague Kevin was in that dream. So when I got into work & when Kevin was on his shift I asked him if he heard of FM. He told me he hasn't heard of FM at all...I then explained to him about the dream I had. Though he was quite intrigued at what I told him. Then I had another thought was it to do with the meaning of his name...so I Googled the name KEVIN. The meaning of Kevin is "Handsome Man"...it was to do with the meaning. Basically what the dream was telling me that if I purchase the FM course-pack BEAUTIFUL things will happen to me.

Looking forward to learning & using it.