I would like to be able to retain and recall the information I read. If it says in a book, "The correct frequency for a carrier wave is 3.6 Gigawatts" and someone asks me what the frequency of a carrier wave is, I should theoretically be able to tell them that if I've successfully read and comprehended the book. If I photoread a small textbook (maybe 30 pages) and then try to answer the review questions, I should (I think... unless I'm missing something) be able to answer some of them after going through the process.

As it stands, I can go through the whole process-the preview, PhotoReading, postview and activation, and then not remember anything. Normally if I retain something and someone asks me a pertinent question, I can say "Oh, I know that," and then give a correct response. So far, I don't seem to retain anything from photoreading. I can try to PhotoRead a book and then look at the review questions and I can't answer even one of them. I have to go back and read everything the usual way, as though I hadn't read anything to begin with.