Hi Lenovo!

I don't know anything about the B-Calm protocol, but if it sounds like a good fit, why not try it?

In the context of the Aura Seeing Course, have you experimented with the Fourfold Breathing Technique? Turning to the breath and doing some conscious breathing helps a lot of people to center and calm any anxiety they are feeling.

With regard to the dizziness you feel when doing the Sun and Moon Meditation, I would stop your practice for a few days and then do shorter sessions as you ease back into it. Sometimes we have to adapt to new frequencies and a less intense introduction of them can be beneficial for integrating them more easily.

Also, have you experimented with grounding yourself before meditating? Sometimes when you access higher frequencies and aren't grounded you can feel floaty and disoriented. I like to imagine taproots coming out of the bottoms of my feet, sinking deep into the soil or bedrock and then wrapping around a crystal deep in the earth.

Another technique many people enjoy is imagining themselves as a giant tree, possibly an oak, with roots extending far beyond their canopy and deep into the earth. The branches are connecting with the sky above and the roots are grounding with the earth beneath.

All the best to you! Here's to a Joy Filled, Healthy and Prosperous 2017!