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I have been practising Spring Forest Qigong daily for between 3 and 5 hours with Active Exercises and Small Universe meditation, since 11 June. Today, I am in so much pain, with my arthritic knee sharply and intensely painful on the medial side and the muscles in my legs due to the neuromuscular condition burning when I walk and very tight. I am continuing with the medication prescribed by my neurologist, but the intensity of the pain seems to be increasing. Also, a side effect of the medication is drowsiness and up until the last couple of days, I have been able to manage this reasonably well. For the last couple of days, though, I have been sleeping more than usual. I have read that while practising Spring Forest Qigong, it is common for pain to intensify and this is due to energy attempting to rebalance. It is difficult to remain optimistic when I am in such intense and chronic pain. Any comments or experience sharing, please? confused

How you feel now?

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