Hi, can anyone help please?

I need to get to bed early, ideally 8pm (9pm latest) so I can get a good 7-8 hours sleep on a consistent basis.

Any suggestions as to which Paraliminal or mix can help me achieve this?

I've been working on this for eternity (it feels like) and needless superlate bedtimes are ruining my life and causing countless problems. Nothing I try works for very long.

Many thanks in advance.


PS I'm already working through the Accelerator on a separate goal, so don't want to run this bedtime goal through it before completing the rounds. I tried the Deep Sleep paraliminal but felt awful in the morning after listening to it (unusual) and the Deep Relaxation one gave me nightmares (unusual) so feel hesitant to try them again standalone (though probably my set-up was poor in advance of listening to them).

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